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Shaveman's After-Shave Balm

Our rich after shave balm soothes irritation, hydrates, and protects your sensitive skin after shaving, leaving it feeling comfortable and calm.

Introducing Your Skin's Best Friend

Shaveman's After-Shave Balm isn't just about soothing irritation after a shave. It's formulated to be your skin's best friend.The balm provides a protective shield against environmental stressors, 


while Vitamins A, B, C & E work their magic.This powerful combination helps fight the signs of aging, keeping your skin looking healthy and youthful by preventing wrinkles and roughness.

Shaveman's After Shave Balm on Pedestal
Man Stroking His Face with Both Hands

Ditch the post-shave tightness! This aftershave balm is a game-changer for sensitive skin. A touch goes a long way,leaving even the most irritated skin feeling unbelievably soft and smooth. No more sandpaper cheeks – just luxurious comfort.

Forget About Post-Shave Tightness

Black cumin seed oil, in our balm, helps calm irritation and reduce redness. Its natural properties promote healthy skin,leaving it feeling soothed and comfortable.

Black Cumin Seed Oil

Rice Bran Oil

Packed with nourishing shea butter, our aftershave balm delivers rich moisture. It soothes irritation and calms razor burn,leaving your skin feeling luxuriously soft and comfortable.

Shea Butter

Black Cumin Seed Oil

Some of the ingredients:

Rice Bran Oil

Boosted with rice bran oil, our balm provides lightweight, non-greasy hydration. It nourishes and protects, keeping your skin feeling smooth, comfortable, and healthy.

Shea Butter
"For years, shaving was a battle. My skin would erupt in red patches, and the burn was brutal. Since using Shaveman's Aftershave Balm, it's like a miracle! The irritation is gone, and my skin feels amazing. It's so smooth and comfortable,even after a close shave. Finally, an aftershave that actually works for sensitive skin!" 

Jake S.

Smoother Skin

Natural Ingredients


Less Irritation

For You

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